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SPIKE: I love Boxing, Indian Food, my Gibson Flying V, Horror Movies, XBOX, cartoons, hitting my heavybag with a crowbar while listening to 80’s Thrash Metal, Star Wars, Ray Harryhausen ,Christopher Hitchens, Halle Berry, and Ronnie James Dio. I’ve drank whiskey with Lemmy, dived off the stage at a Pantera show, and tattooed the Slayer logo on my leg, myself. I’ve been tattooing in Lahaina for 21 years at Spike’s Westside Ink and have been with HHawaii Media since 2010 and doin radio is a total blast, I live to rock and rock to live, I still wear my Denim vest with the Iron Maiden backpatch and will never stop blasting rock, KROCK is the most kickass station anywhere, tune in and turn it up!








JD & BRIDGET: (6am-10am ET) It’s been pretty much rock and more rock since JD got into radio. From his air work to programming radio stations he’s kept busy.  Co-hosting with Bridget now is one of his greatest thrills since they have so much fun working together.  When not rocking the listeners JD is an avid sports fan. Football, hockey, basketball, and especially baseball since he played it through college.  Movies are his other love getting swept away with the latest action adventure blockbuster and a big bucket of popcorn.

Bridget took the college route to get in radio, graduating with a degree in Radio & Television.  Ever since she’s produced and hosted many air shifts playing classic rock to oldies. Bridget loves to be out-and-about, whether it’s rooting for the home team, checking out the latest watering hole, or eating at the newest restaurant in town.  It’s always good beer drinking weather by the way.  When it comes to Bridget’s taste in music, she’s an unapologetic Rockhead.  Old rock, new rock, she loves it all.


Carl Russo Picture

CARL RUSSO: (1am-6am) Carl grew up with plenty of street & strip drag racing, stock car racing, and playing musical instruments and having a good time.  He would then apply that energy into rock & roll and a career in radio. A major market radio personality, TV personality, and radio station owner, he did it all.  His sense of civic duty was also a priority for Carl wherever he went. He served as a fireman in many cities where he’s worked.







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DAN DIMARIA: (8pm-1am) Dan was born into a large family from New York so he learned early to either talk louder or get a microphone.  He chose the latter and got his first job in radio when he was 14.  Sports has always been a love of Dan’s whether he’s actively playing or watching from the sidelines.  He’s big on family and friends too, and always enjoys nature with his hiking trips and his new hobby of firing up the BBQ smoker.  Dan’s mostly casual all the way with 50% of his wardrobe being rock T-shirts.






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MCKENZIE RAE: (10am-3pm) McKenzie hit the ground running in a major market with her very first job over thirty years ago. Writing, producing, programming, and being a top rated personality, she’s done it all. McKenzie’s a big fan of the outdoors.  Exercising, walking her dogs, playing softball, and spending time with her daughter.  She likes all kinds of music but has a passion mostly for classic rock.  Led Zeppelin, Rush, Eric Clapton, and Van Halen are what she grew up with so they bring back fond memories.